Sonu Sood Scholarship: How To Apply Online For Sonu Sood Scholarship Scheme?

Sonu Sood Scholarship: Ever since the lockdown has started in India because of COVIS-19, Bollywood film superstar Sonu Sood has been executing various plans for poor people, chaotic area, and different residents who have been endured because of the COVID Crisis.

Presently, the film VIP accompanies another inception called Sonu Sood Scholarship Scheme. Under this initiation, he will give the grant to the legitimacy students who come up short on the correct assets for training. In any case, for applying this plan, the student’s family pay ought to be fewer than two lakhs for each annum.

However, the qualified understudies to profit from the grant plan can apply legitimately online on the Sonu entrance. The understudies can visit the official entrance and fill in the application structure and register under this grant conspire.

Sonu Sood Scholarship Scheme:

In this article, we will tell you about the Sonu Sood Scholarship Scheme, Eligibility Criteria, Documents Required, Application Online, and Online Registration 2020 on site.

Details about the Sonu Sood Scholarship Scheme:

Name of the Scheme Sonu Sood Scholarship Scheme
Sponsored by Sonu Sood
Objective Provides Scholarships for Students
Application Starts on 12 September 2020
Application Ends on Within 10 Days from Start of Application Date

Eligibility Criteria:

Have a look at the eligibility criteria that students should fulfill to get eligible for Sonu Sood Scholarship Scheme.

  • The student’s family income should be less than two lakhs of income per annum.
  • The students should have a proven academic record to get eligible for this scheme.
  • The student should have a minimum qualification of class 12th to get qualified for this scheme.

Documents Required:

Let’s take a look at the list of documents, which students need to submit for enrolling under the Sonu Sood Scholarship Scheme.

  1. Academic Documents
  2. Identity Proofs of the students like Aadhar Card, Voter Card, etc.
  3. Income Certificate of the Applicant’s Family
  4. Student Certificate
  5. Student’s Bio-Data and CV

How to Apply for Sonu Sood Scholarship Scheme Online?

The candidates can begin applying for the Sonu Sood Scholarship Scheme by sending mail from their email accounts like Gmail or Outlook from their PCs or their mobiles. Let us see the method to apply for the Sonu Sood Scholarship Scheme through the mail.

  • Open the Chrome Browser on your Mobile or System.
  • On the Browser, type the, which redirects you to the Gmail login page?
  • On the login page, enter your login credentials and sign in to your Gmail account.
  • It takes you to your Gmail account, then clicks on the Compose mail at the bottom of the mail.
  • In the Compose Mail, Enter the mail id [email protected] and start composing the mail.
  • Compose a mail stating that you are interested in pursuing higher education and your economic status and send it to the official mail id of Sonu Sood.
  • After you send the mail, you will receive an acknowledgment mail from Sonu Sood’s Official Mail ID.
  • In the received mail, you can observe the link to the scholarship application.

How To Get Online Registration Form for Sonu Sood Scholarship Scheme?

  • After clicking on the link, it takes the applicant to the below form.
  • You can observe the title Prof. Saroj Sood Scholarship, the name of Sonu Sood’s Mother.
  • In the form, you should enter the Name of the Applicant, Phone Number, Email ID, and State.
  • Now enter your willingness to study outside the state.
  • Enter Name of School, City, Grade 12 Subjects, Grade 12 Board, and Score in Grade 12.
  • Now select the annual income of the family and the preferred courses.
  • After verifying all the details, click on the NEXT, which submits your application form.
  • After you send the application form, you will receive a call from the Sonu Sood Scholarship Team to collect further more details.

Note: As of now, the applications are welcomed through the official mail id of Sonu Sood, and as far as possible for the candidates to fill in the application structure is 10 days from the beginning of the application date.


Q- What is the motive of the Sonu Sood Scholarship Scheme?

A- The goal of the Sonu Sood Scholarship Scheme is to assist the underprivileged students with continuing their studies through financial support.

Q- Who are qualified for applying the Sonu Sood Scholarship Scheme?

A- The candidates whose family salary is under two lakhs per annum with a superb academic record are qualified for applying for the Sonu Sood Scholarship Scheme.

Q- What is the basic qualification that a student should have to get eligible for applying for the scholarship?

A- The students who have completed their class 12th can start applying for the Sonu Sood Scholarship.

Q- How can I apply for Sonu Sood Scholarship Online?

A- The eligible students can apply for the Sonu Sood Scholarship by sending mail to Sonu Sood’s official mail id.