SSO Portal: Rajasthan Government SSO Login ID & Registration Process

The state government launched SSO Login ID | Rajasthan Single Sing On 1 | SSO Portal | SSO Id Open | SSO ID Login Rajasthan Portal to offer SSO ID online portal services to the public. You must read this post through to the very end if you want to learn everything there is to know about the Rajasthan SSOID (Single Sign In).

This article will assist you in understanding the SSO ID login process and how to register on Rahstah’s SSOID login portal, including the necessary paperwork and eligibility requirements. Therefore, for our beloved readers to fully understand everything related to the SSOID Rajasthan, we kindly ask that they read this post from beginning to end.

You will be able to obtain fantastic support for people’s convenience with the aid of SSO ID Raj. The SSOID Rajasthan conducts a wide range of activities. Residents of Rajasthan can now use a single username and password to access a variety of services thanks to SSOID’s facilitation of the usage of the same name and password. In addition to these services, more than 50–100 departments would be able to access online services using this SSO ID Login Rajasthan portal simultaneously.


Rajasthan’s Single Sign-On Portal has added a few options to the SSOID Login Portal and made minor adjustments to the registration procedure.

SSO ID Login Rajasthan Details:

The Rajasthani government is attempting to move several departmental procedures online. Rajasthani citizens would therefore be able to access a variety of services online. Therefore, the state government has made it easier for its residents to access the Single Sign-On online portal, which intends to provide a single registration number for a variety of application forms.

Rajasthan SSOID Login Portal Highlights:

Name of the Portal     Sign Sign-On Rajasthan
Category      Rajasthan Govt Schemes
Aim        To Provide Single Registration Number (SSOID) For the People of Rajasthan
Benefit Access Various Government Schemes
SSOID Full Form        Single Sign-On
Launched Year  2013
Announced by  Government of Rajasthan
Registration Process   Online
Official Website

SSOID Rajasthan Registration Information & Services:

To use these services from the Rajasthan SSO’s official website, you must adhere to a few easy steps.

To access the Rajasthan SSO Portal, you must provide your login ID and password. You must create your SSO ID through the official site if you plan to enrol in any public or private college in the state. When submitting the admissions application, these universities request that you include your SSOID login information. Additionally, you will be required to input your SSO ID both online and offline when applying for any state government positions.

In addition to the services listed above, you can also use the Rajasthan Employment Service, pay your water and energy bills online, withdraw money online, deposit your power bills, use e-Mitra, use your Bhamashah card, fill out online forms for job openings, and more. Use the SSOID Rajasthan Generated online form that was previously obtained through the Single Sign-On portal. Individuals who conduct their own business must also generate their SSO ID using the portal. You should read this post through to the end for more information on Raj SSO ID.

Availability of the Services in the Rajasthan SSO Portal:

The Rajasthan Single Sign-On portal provides its citizens with a range of services. Your SSO ID must be generated via the official website. Following the creation of your Rajasthan SSOID, you will have simple access to the services listed below:

  • Building Plan Approval UDH
  • E-Mitra
  • ANUJA Nigam
  • ARMS Licence
  • Artisan Reg.
  • Attendence MIS
  • DTA Interface
  • Crowd Sourcing
  • Bulding Plan Approval (LSG)
  • Contaractor Management System
  • Drug License
  • Ebazar
  • CHMS
  • Employment
  • E-Devasthan
  • Digital Visitor Register
  • E-Learning
  • RTI
  • RTPS

SSO ID Registration Rajasthan Process:

The SSO portal’s SSO Id Login Rajasthan New Account signup procedure is rather easy to follow. You can register yourself on the Raj Single Sign-On Portal by following a few easy steps.

Step1: Visit the official website at first. It will open the homepage to you when you click on it.

Step 2: You will see the Register option on that page.

Step 3: You will be presented with three options: Citizens, Udyog, and Government Employee, after selecting that choice. You will be presented with a new page, register, after clicking.

Step 4: After that, you’ll need to register using one of the identity cards that are available on that page, such as the Aadhar, Bhamashah, Facebook, or Gmail cards. To receive the OTP on the registered mobile phone, enter your mobile number as well.

Step 5: You can automatically construct your username and password after creating an SSO ID.

Step 6: At this point, select the service category from the list above and provide information like

  • Name
  • Father’s Name
  • Mother’s Name
  • Mobile Number
  • Email ID, Address
  • Aadhar Card Number of Rajasthan State Only
  • Ration Card Number
  • Driving License Number
  • PAN Card Number
  • Water Bill Information, etc.

Step 7: Check your program and press the keyboard’s enter key.

SSO ID Registration Login Rajasthan:

You can obtain a login ID once you’ve registered online with the SSO Portal. SSO Login ID makes it simple for you to register on the Mitra portal. You will need to input the login credentials that you were sent after completing the eMitra registration process once it is complete. The registration procedure for the SSOID Rajasthan Portal is as follows.

  1. First, go to, the Rajasthan EMitra’s official website. You will now see the home page of the eMitra portal’s official website on your computer.
  2. Enter your SSO login information here, including your login ID, password, and captcha code.
  3. You can visit the website’s eMitra page after providing the aforementioned information.
  4. Name, father’s name, mother’s name, mobile number, category, marital status, income status, driving license number, bank account information, family details, permanent address, non-permanent address, etc. are all basic details that you should provide here.
  5. Once the above information has been completed, you should select the “Submit” button.
  6. Your SSO EMitra Raj application will now be successfully submitted.
  7. The printout of the receipt should be kept by the applicants for future reference.

What Is the Use Of SSO ID?

  • SSO ID stands for Single-Sign On By registering on the SSO Portal, you can use your SSO ID to access 100 different kinds of services. You must first register on the platform in order to apply for any scholarships, licenses, government registrations, etc.
  • Once you have your Rajasthan SSOID, you can pay for a variety of things, including bill deposits, power bills, mobile phone balances, water bills, and more. As a result, these bills are available for online access and payment.
  • You can apply for fresh job opportunities as well as government positions by using this SSO ID Login Rajasthan.
  • Following the creation of the SSO ID, you can use this ID to apply for unemployment benefits. These advantages are available to all Rajasthani citizens.
  • Anyone in the state of Rajasthan who wishes to profit from the Sarkari Scheme may use this SSOID to apply for any kind of government employment.
  • Additionally, you get access to employment, career fairs, recruitment portals, etc.
  • You can apply for several government offices using SSO ID, including Right to Information, e-Mitra, e-mandi, e Sakhi, and Bhamashah card.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for SSOID Login?

  • There are no requirements to meet to be qualified to generate an SSO ID Login Rajasthan. All state citizens who meet the general eligibility requirements listed below are eligible to apply.
  • You must live in Rajasthan permanently.
  • Rajasthan needs a digital identity document from the federal government or the civil state.
  • You must also have a UIDAI-issued Aadhar card on you.
  • SSO ID Login Rajasthan Essential Documents:
  • You will need to have the following exact documents to register for the Raj SSO.
  • Aadhar Card and Bhamashah Card
  • Identity card with a photo
  • Live Cell Phone Number
  • Email Address

How To SSO ID Login Rajasthan?

  • You may quickly log in to the SSOID Login Rajasthan portal after finishing the registration process. The candidates must take the following actions to log into the SSOID.
  • The SSO official website,, must be accessed first.
  • You can view the official website’s homepage by clicking on the link to the official website.
  • The option to log in will now appear. You will need to enter your password and user ID in that selection. In addition, input the captcha code and press the enter key.
  • You can now effortlessly log in to your page on the Rajasthan SSO Portal.

SSOID Helpline Number:

Help Desk SSO ID: [email protected]

Helpline Number: 0141-2925554,55

SSOID Login Q&A:

Q: What new password can I generate if I forget my SSO ID password?

A: You can set a new password if you’ve forgotten your SSO ID password. It is necessary for you to select the “I Forgot My Password” link. Enter the Captcha Code, SSOID, and your mobile number. You may quickly generate your password here.

Q: Can I create a new SSOID (User ID)?

A: You will need to select the Forgot SSOID option and provide the necessary information as requested in the login form if you haven’t committed your SSO ID to memory.

Q: What is the Full Form SSO ID?

A: The Single Sign-On Identification Number, or SSOID in full, is designed to give Rajasthani citizens access to a range of government employment opportunities and programs.

Q: Who can access the state’s SSO portal?

A: Anyone residing in Rajasthan is welcome to use this portal.

Q: Is the SSO Portal accessible to residents of other states?

A: No, only Rajasthani residents can access it.