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The Amma Vodi scheme was launched by the chairman of Minister Andhra Pradesh is the BPK. YSR Jagan Mohan Reddy and through the implementation of the scheme, many incentives were given to government school students at Andhra Pradesh.

Today below this article, we will share with you all the other details related to Amma Vodi scheme such as the phase i final recipient list that has been declared by the authorities related to December 27, 2019. In this article, we have provided a step by step guide Where you can check your name on the list of recipients.

List of Beneficiaries Amma Vodi Phase 2 Released:

Has been announced by Education Minister Dr. Audimulapu Suresh that the list of Recipients Amma Vodi has been released online and a comprehensive list will be announced on December 26, 2020 and the final list will be announced on December 30, 2020.

There are around 7274674 students from class 1 to 10 of 64533 state schools and there are around 10.94 Lakh intermediary students. The number of benefits will be transferred to the recipient’s bank account on January 9, 2021. Parents are asked to set aside Rs 1000 of the benefits for maintaining sanitation at school.

All necessary actions are taken by the government to provide benefits for all beneficiaries that meet the requirements. This scheme is being implemented transparently. The number of benefits is directly transferred to the recipient account by the minister’s chairman.

Amma Vodi List January Update:

The second phase under the scheme of Amma Vodi was launched on January 11, 2021 by the Chairman of the YSR of Jagan Mohan Mohan Reddy from Nellore. This information has been given by Minister of Education A. Suresh. Under the second phase of the Amma Vodi scheme of around 44 lakh, the woman will get 15,000 to send their children to school.

Of the 15000 deposits into the bank’s bank account under the Amma Vodi scheme ₹ 1000 deducted to improve and maintain toilet facilities at school. The state government spends the RS 6400 Crore to implement this scheme. The state government has released a 75% attendance criteria by remembering the current Covid-19 situation.

  • Amma Vodi scheme has been implemented throughout the state in the most transparent way. There is no corruption at any level.
  • This year the beneficiaries under the Amma Vodi scheme have increased compared to the previous year and the government seeks to provide Amma Vodi scheme also for sanitation workers.
  • This program has begun to produce the desired results because this year the government managed by the government has received 3 lakh reception.
  • The civil supply department has streamlined the ration card and for this reason, some beneficiaries that meet the requirements are removed from getting the benefits of the Amma Vodi scheme. The school education department has started a re-verification process to include all beneficiaries that qualify based on this scheme.

Details Of The AP Amma Vodi Scheme:

Name of the Scheme     Jaganna Amma Vodi Scheme
State     Andhra Pradesh
Launched by      CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy
Beneficiary   Mothers of school-going children (BPL families)
Incentive Rs.15000/-
Launched Date  10th June 2019
Phase I Beneficiary List  27th December 2019
Phase II Beneficiary List 22nd December 2020
Official Website         https://jaganannaammavodi.ap.gov.in/ 

Amma Vodi Details:

The Amma Vodi scheme was launched to reduce the dropout ratio at school. Under this scheme, Rs 15000 per year was deposited to a bank account that sent their children to school. Through this scheme, poverty will not come in the education method.

Every country woman will get the opportunity to educate their children. The second phase of the Amma Vodi scheme was launched and based on this scheme, RS 15000 has been credited to the bank’s bank accounts that send their children to school.

  • To reduce the dropout rate, schools provide all kinds of facilities such as special menus, uniforms, and books. The government provides top priority for education to achieve a total level of literacy.
  • The Chairman of the YSR Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy took every possible step to increase the level of literacy and provide quality education to the poor.
  • He has launched a Nadu-Nadu scheme to improve infrastructure in the school and the Jagananna Goru Mudda scheme to provide nutritious food at lunch at school. This scheme benefits several state students.
  • Through the implementation of this scheme, the literacy rate among the more poor and weaker people will increase.

jaganannaammavodi.ap.gov.in Portal

The state of the Chair of the Minister of Andhra Pradesh announced a superior program known as the popular Amma Vodi scheme. This was originally part of the Navaratnalu initiative designed to provide financial assistance to each mother belonging to under household poverty lines, regardless of caste, trust, religion and region. This incentive will allow it to educate their children / children from class I to XII at all the following institutions –

  • Recognized Government
  • Private Aided
  • Private Unaided schools/ Jr. Colleges
  • Residential Schools/Colleges for the Academic year 2020-21

Laptop Instead Of Financial Assistance Under Amma Vodi:

The second phase of Amma Vodi’s scheme was launched by the Chairman of the YSR of Jagan Mohan Reddy. During the launch he reminded citizens who were because the locking of many poor students did not have access to online classes because they did not have gadgets such as laptops and smartphones.

For this reason now the beneficiaries of the Amma Vodi scheme whose children learn in grade 9 to 12 can choose for laptops instead of getting RS 15,000 financial assistance from next year. This option is also available for students who take advantage of the Deewana Vasati scheme. The Andhra Pradesh government will also introduce computer literacy courses from grade 8 so that students who study at schools can compete with students study in private schools.

The minister’s chairman also said that government school infrastructure will also be increased so that children can get quality education. The Amma Vodi scheme will also prevent dropout rates and also increase the presence of students.

To increase the presence of students if students do not go to school for more than 3 days, volunteers must visit students’ homes. From the financial assistance of Rs 15000 Rs 1000 will be deducted for the maintenance of toilets at school. For this reason, parents will get the right to question poor toilet conditions at school. If the toilet is in a bad condition, students can call 1902 to file a complaint.

Amma Vodi Scheme Guidelines For 2021:

The Andhra Pradesh government has released the Amma Vodi guideline for 2020-21 for and the guidelines are as follows: –

  • From December 9, 2020 to December 25, 2020 the initial action at this time in the Amma Vodi scheme will take place
  • All principals are required to register and update details of students starting December 10, 2020 to 20 December 2020
  • List of all mothers / guards who meet the requirements whose children are registered with the info / knowledge of the soil portal will be reviewed and this list will be released on December 15, 2020. This list will be reviewed based on the 6th level criteria
  • All details are updated before December 15, 2020 will be given to APCFSS on December 15, 2020
  • Mom / caregiver list that qualified will be updated on December 19, 2020. This list will be reviewed according to level 6 criteria
  • All details advertised on the Amma Vodi portal between December 20, 2020 to 24 December 2020 will be displayed on the School Announcement Board and Notification of the Gram Board / Ward Secretariat
  • If there is an error in the AADHAR number, the bank account number, and the IFSC code, the principal is needed to correct this error.


Jaganna Amma Vodi


  • The objections related to disqualification must be submitted to collectors by the Village / Environmental Secretariat. The submission process will be carried out through the standard procedure and this objection will be handled by the collector together
  • The list released on December 16, 2020 and December 20, 2020 will be compiled and the final list with a correction of objections will be posted on the portal of December 26, 2020
  • The environment / gram Sabha will approve the final list on December 27, 2020 and December 28, 2020
  • On December 29, 2020, the final list must be submitted online by the assistant welfare of the Village / Environmental Education
  • The list must be submitted by the Principal to the District Education Officer through zonal education officials on December 30, 2020
  • The list must be submitted to the district collector by district education officers on December 30, 2020.


National Scholarship


Amma Vodi Scheme 2nd Phase Payment:

As you know that under the Amma Vodi Rs 15000 scheme per year will be given to all disadvantaged students. The Andhra Pradesh government will all launch the Amma Vodi scheme phase 2. All activities such as getting personal details, aadhar numbers, bank account details, etc. must be completed before the last date.

The principal is responsible for registering all eligible children. Timeline to improve detail correction, confirmation, repair errors etc. have been determined by the Ministry of Education.

  • On December 9, 2020 the state district and the Mandal level education officer had a meeting.
  • In this meeting instructions regarding detail correction, confirmation, repair etc. has been discussed. A list of all eligible students will be displayed on the Jnanabhumi portal.
  • A list of all mothers / guardians who qualify will be released on December 16, 2020. Principal of the school must sort all the differences in details before the specified date and all complaints about the feasibility of beneficiaries must be sent to the joints. Gatherer.
  • The final list will be displayed on December 26, 2020. The three Helpline 24/7 centers will also open in the DPO office in Visakhapatnam to oversee and apply Amma Vodi schemes.

Amma Vodi Schedule For Selection Of Beneficiaries:

Registration of parents and guardians 10th December 2020 to 20th December 2020
Name of eligible parents and guardians to be displayed on village and ward secretariat 16th December 2020
The list published on Amma Vodi portal after corrections 19th December 2020 at 6:00 p.m.
Review of list by School, College principles and secretariat staff 20th December 2020 to 24th December 2020
Final display of list in ward and village secretariat 26th December 2020
Online inclusion of list approved by gram sabha 29th December 2020
Sending the final list by the principals to district education office and collector and approval of the final list by district collectors 30th December 2020

Amma Vodi Budget 2021:

On June 16, 2020, Finance Minister Tuesday B Rajendranath Reddy from the state of Andhra Pradesh has presented a budget for the coming fiscal year in the State Assembly held by Atvelagapudi. In this budget, the state government has allocated RS 22,604 Crore to the education sector from Rs 2,24,789.18 Crore.

In 2020 the budget, the government had provided sanctions of RS 17,971 Crore to the education sector that would increase in the budget for 2021. Of this number of Rs. 6,000 crores have been approved for the Amma Vodi scheme.

Features Of Amma Vodi Scheme:

  • The following features have included under the skin of Andhra Pradesh Amma Vodi such as: –
  • Funds will only transfer to beneficiaries through direct or online transfers.
  • After the beneficiary completes the twelfth standard then there is no assistance to be given to the recipient or beneficiaries.
  • Funds will provide every year in January for all beneficiaries until they complete their education.
  • If the recipient decides to end education, no funds will provide it.

Required Documents For Amma Vodi:

  • Aadhar card
  • Residence certificate
  • School ID card
  • Ration card
  • Mobile number
  • Passport size photograph
  • Birth certificate

Benefits Of Amma Vodi Scheme:

There are many benefits of AP Amma Vodi scheme, first and the most important benefits of this scheme are benefits that will be given to school children. Incentives will help poor families to go to school and help them cover part of their expenses. This will prove to be a great way to encourage the family to send their children to school. As we know that the percentage of sustainable children is very few in rural areas, this initiative will help increase the percentage of broadness.

  • Last year around 42 beneficiaries of the Lakh had benefited from the Amma Vodi scheme and this year the number increased to 44.48 lakh.
  • The Andhra Pradesh government also focuses on improving the quality of midday food which will eventually improve students’ health. Because of this scheme, many students have migrated from private schools to government schools.
  • The government has also introduced British media in government schools so that poor citizens can also take advantage of its benefits.

Eligibility Of The Scheme:

  • The following feasibility criteria have been completed for the scheme: –
  • Children who study in government governments Andhra Pradesh qualified the requirements for the scheme.
  • Permanent residents of Andhra Pradesh only meet the requirements.

Application Process of Amma Vodi Scheme:

The following application process must be considered while submitting the Amma Vodi AP scheme for 2021: –

  • First, you must download the application form for the given scheme
  • After downloading the application form, fill it carefully.
  • Attach all the documents mentioned above.
  • Send in a relevant office or any government office.

Amma Vodi Phase II Beneficiary List:

The list of recipients for the Amma Vodi AP scheme will be displayed on the official scheme website. You only need to follow these simple steps to download the scheme: –

  • First of all, visit the official website of Amma Vodi’s scheme to check the phase 2 recipient list.
  • When you land on the veranda, click on the Detail Details Options Present on it.
  • Srikakulam, Vizianagaram, Visakhapatnam, East Godavari
  • Godavari Barat, Krishna, Guntur
  • Precsam, Nellore, Kadapa
  • Kurnool, Anantapur, Chittoor

Jagananna Ammavodi


  • Now the new computer tab will open with some details needed
  • First of all, choose the district name.
  • Now fill in the mother / guardian aadhaar number and then fill in the verification code.


Jagananna Ammavodi


  • After that click on the Get Details option.
  • Now finally the receiving details will appear in front of you.
  • Click on the print button and print the recipient list.
  • Save this information safe for future reference.

Procedure To Do Officer Login:

  • First of all, open the official website of Amma Vodi scheme
  • Home page will open before you
  • On the veranda, click on Officer / 2ND Inter College Login Option.
  • Now the login page will open before you



Jagananna Ammavodi


  • Now the new page will open before you where you have to click on the Login Link according to the district where you are.
  • Login links are as follows: –
  • Srikakulam, Viziangaram, Visakhapatnam, East Godavari
  • West Godavari, Krishna, Guntur
  • Prakasam, Nellore, Kadapa
  • Kurnool, Anantapur Chittoor


Jagananna Ammavodi


  • After that you have to enter login credentials
  • Now you can update the 2nd year medium-year board, Amma Vodi details

Mode of Payment:

Beneficiaries will get benefits directly transferred to their mother / guardian bank account by the department concerned. The amount will be transferred in January every year until the applicant will complete the intermediary / 12 / +2. If the child stops studying between them, he will not get financial assistance.

Amma Vodi District Wise List:

Hopefully the list will also release district wise. It can also publish wise school or other ways such as prescribing. You can check the wise list of districts from here: –

Name of the districts Beneficiary List PDF
Anantapur Click Here
Chittoor Click Here
East Godavari Click Here
Guntur Click Here
Kadapa Click Here
Kurnool Click Here
Krishna Click Here
Prakasam  Click Here
Nellore  Click Here
Srikakulam   Click Here
Vishakhapatnam  Click Here
Vizianagaram  Click Here
West Godavari  Click Here

Helpline Contact Number:

Address: 4th Floor, B block, VTPS Rd, Bhimaraju Gutta, Ibrahimpatnam, Andhra Pradesh 521456.

Phone: 9705655349, 9705454869

Email: [email protected]